"I think that… when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away. You snap back to being important to eachother because you still are." —Alex Vause.


Jesper Waldersten


“You will realise, that this combination of red-ochre, of green gloomed over by grey, the black streaks surrounding the contours, produce something of the sensation of anguish called ‘rouge-noir’, from which certain of my companions in misfortunes suffer.” ~ Vincent  van Gogh to Emile Bernard

My relationship goals are literally just to have a girl that will trim my bangs for me and sing me to sleep

Guysssss I am so sick pitty me


A Boy Without Name

Mojo Wan

playing with a projector, inspired by miss jess boutte as usual

“Corinne Day’s early 1997 work, taken from the September Issue 34 of Dazed”


Photographer & Artist:

Ramona Zordini